Cake Baking Time!

Tracey has the day off today, which is a nice change for a weekend. While Tracey took Miss7 and Master6 to football, I stayed home with Miss4 and Miss1 to clean and bake a cake. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to focus love and attention on just one or two children instead of juggling the demands of the whole team at once. I read somewhere it is as important for their sound sense of self to dish out some one-on-one time with each kid as it is to encourage group and family activities. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking one kid with you to the shops to pick up some milk, so you can chat without interruption.

Now she’s through many of her food issues, I was able to let Miss1 join in the mixing and tasting activities which come with cake making. When I popped the cake in the oven the two girls sat on a stool together and licked their beaters with glee. Tracey has had a hankering for this cake since she started baking a bun of her own in her tummy-oven, so while she was out I thought we’d whip it up for a nice morning tea surprise –
Sublime Lime Cake

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