Time to break radio silence – despite numerous attempts at neutering myself, we’re preggers again 🙂

This has been a rough four weeks, let me tell you. I hate keeping secrets like this so I decided not to blog for a while so I wasn’t tempted. And if you think I’m being a little over the top I can assure you I’m not – I’m ready to announce an impending baby from the day my wife is late. I announced Master6 the day after conception.

Me. Tracey didn’t have makeup on. 

Tracey has been weeping tears of joy (that’s the line we’re taking with the little kids anyway) and celebrating by throwing up in the toilet and assorted bowls and buckets now strategically scattered throughout the house. Usually I’m high-fiving myself and strutting around the house like I’ve done something unique, but this time it’s been a bit more of a shock – when you’ve had a guy ferreting around inside your sack with a pair of scissors you think you’re done.

Telling our parents was harrowing. You never really grow up, do you. Both sides took it surprisingly well, though. Better than the last two announcements anyway. I think because they know we’d set about ending our run of births they realize this kid was just meant to be.

We’re blaming our friend Chris. We told him we’d name a boy after him a while back, but then had nothing but girls. He was a little put out when I told him I was retiring the fella’s. As it turns out we conceived the week after his funeral. We’ve got this image of him sitting on a cloud muttering, “tell me you’ll name a kid after me and then get the snip, will you. I’ll show you.” So I guess if its a boy the name is good and sorted.

But despite our slow-to-be-thrilled start, we’re really getting into it now. Kids are all thrilled to pieces and very excited about a new sibling. Yesterday we saw a tadpole like thing on a screen and now we’ve been introduced we can’t wait to meet him/her.

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  • I’m so excited for you all. I can’t wait to meet him/her either. And don’t forget, Chris works just as well for the lassies as it does for the lads 😉

  • I don’t want to hear stories about the snip happening and then another baby happening…we’ve just had no. 3 and hubby has had the snip…better not happen to us!
    good luck to all!

  • I’ve just stumbled across your blog and feel the need to respond. First up, congratulations. It seems we have a few things in common, we have just found out (I’m now just over 17wks) that number 5 is on the way. Shocked would be an understatement as to how I felt, hubby on the other hand, was and is over the moon. He knew the morning after conception, I told him not to be stupid. Turns out I’m the stupid one.
    Our oldest will be 19 when this one is born, his response when it came time to telling the kids was he bet we wished we’d had a second telly in the bedroom. He was a right.

  • The comment I’m always met with is “you should let me use the other passage then, it’s a sure fire way to ensure no more”… Ahh buddy not gonna happen!

    Of course, now that the snip is due next month he wants a 5th…

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