See Poppy Run

My father-in-law is not the sort of man to play games. Monopoly, for example, would be a complete mystery to Poppy. When Tracey’s family celebrates Christmas we all inevitably sit around a table and play Sevens or 500. Poppy’s idea of joining in is to let us.

So when I arrived home today and he met me at the back door by saying, “Tag!” I was, at first, a little confused.

The thing to know about Poppy is he loves being a grandfather. In fact, until today the only exception to Poppy’s complete boycott of any sort of social interaction through fun stuff has been when one of his granddaughters makes him a pretend cup of tea while he watches the football. And he pretends to drink it. Plus, which is a real surprise for Tracey, he smiles while he pretends to drink it.

“Who the hell are you?” Tracey has jokingly asked him on more than one occasion.  She swears she has no recollection of him ever smiling when she was growing up. “You know, if I handed him a teacup without any actual coffee in it he’d have thought I was simple.”

So needless to say, the idea that Poppy now wanted me to chase him through the house and tag him back seemed a little odd. I knew he was looking after our kids until I got home while Tracey went out for a photo shoot, but that didn’t seem to be an answer. I was just trying to make sense of it when, behind him, Miss1 appeared wearing nothing but a singlet.

“She did a poo and took her nappy off,” Poppy explained. “Unfortunately, not in that order. Tag,” he added again as he walked out the door. “You’re it.”

And then he smiled. Only this time I don’t think it was because one of his granddaughters had made him something special. Or maybe it was.

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  • My dad was never an “interactive” dad either but after I had my children he changed, he loves being a grandfather loves spending time with the kids……. And everytime I see him with my kids it shocks (and maybe a little hurt) that I never saw this side of him growing up

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