Rise Of The Red Rocket

We took the little red rocket for a test drive this weekend to see if it was suitable for Miss16 to learn to drive on. It’s far from perfect to look at but it seems mechanically sound and for a mere $1000 it’s perfect for our needs.The car is a manual – Master19 only has an auto license and now finds he needs to get his manual for the job he eventually wants. We didn’t want that sort of problem for Miss16, and if you can drive a manual an auto is a breeze.

To be frank I haven’t driven a stick for a while. Not sure how I’ll go as Miss16’s teacher – embarrassed to say my maiden voyage saw me imitating Peter Rabbit down our driveway.

When we arrived home with the car Miss16 still had a couple of friends here from her Halloween Movie Night. This was the first she’s heard of the car, so she was very excited and suitably impressed. We’re hoping this will kick start her enthusiasm to get started on her learners.

Meanwhile, we’ll have a second car so we’ll be able to cart the whole family around town when the baby comes 🙂 I bags driving the red rocket! (It’s got no car seats).

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