Like Father, Like Son. Almost.


‘You just can’t beat those genetics!’ the text message from a friend of mine, an ex colleague, read a couple of nights ago.

She was rather hilariously referring to an incident I’d rather hoped she’d forgotten about…

“They’re shorts,” I explained to Tracey for the sixth time. By now I was using tone and eye rolling with abandon.

“No,” she said, shaking her head in a familiar ‘you’re so stupid’ manner. “They are not.”

While I’m loathe to agree with her, the fact is they were not.

This was about a year ago, and as luck would have it I had a friend pop over one night shortly after this conversation.

“Hi!” I exclaimed, meeting her, this same ex work colleague, on our balcony.

“Hel-,” she started, and then seemed to falter before finishing with, “-loooo….”

“What can I do for you?” I asked, wondering why she was suddenly looking everywhere but at me.

The reason, I discovered a week or so later when I happened to glance at myself as I walked past the mirrored wardrobe in our bedroom, was my inappropriate attire.

“Jeezus,” I hissed at her a couple of weeks later when we caught up at Little Athletics. “I’m so sorry. I had no idea.”

Unsurprisingly, Tracey chose this moment to throw in another ‘you’re so stupid’ look.

I deserved it.

The ‘shorts’ I was wearing were in fact trunks. Batman trunks, which you’d think would make everything okay, but no. Even I have to agree the Dark Knight and all his fancy gadgets and money couldn’t fix this. Rather dumbfully, I’d taken to sleeping in trunks because I figured they were comfortable and I didn’t have to dash for our bedroom if someone dropped in.


So wrong.

Even I’m shaking my head at me now in a ‘you’re so stupid’ manner.

Much like hot pants, trunks, it transpires, don’t leave a lot to the imagination.

But whereas hot pants, or anything from the Lorna Jane range, look hot and sexy and are generally approved of, trunks do and are not.

A point which even my ten year old son seems to have cottoned onto.

“Oops,” he said, when he walked out onto the balcony to discover my ex work colleague’s husband and daughter (a school friend of his) had arrived to give us a lovely home cooked meal to help while Tracey is in hospital. “I better go and put some shorts on.”

Turns out, when it comes to fashion sense, he’s his mother’s son. Probably a good thing.


And because I can’t wait another day to give you this FANTASTIC news, here it is – Tracey stood up today!! On her feet and everything! Look at that expression. She’s so determined to get home to her kids it’s just about all she talks about. I mean I’ve tried to bring sex into our conversations but that topic isn’t gaining any traction at all 😉 Sadly, I was home when she made these small steps for mankind but big steps for the woman involved, but that doesn’t stop me from being over the moon. You are amazing, Tracey! I love you xxx

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“Raising a family on little more than laughs.”


  • Well, she turned the corner after the kids visited and told her they loved her!
    She “knows”you love her!, but needed the kids to tell her.

  • I love all three of the facial expressions of the ladies in this pic… Tracey looks so thrilled, the girl on the right looks completely proud of Tracey and the girl on the left looks so caring and focused on her… I’m so thrilled for Tracey, after two months in hospital before my last bub was born, I can totally relate to just wanting to get home to the her kids! Oh and lol at the UNDERwear story!

  • So proud of her!!! I’m a physical therapy assistant so I work with people like her all the time. She’s lucky to have dedicated therapists and their so very lucky to have a strong willed, highly motivated patient. Keep up the great work, Tracey! With love from Colorado, US.

  • Biggest Yahhhhhhhh to Tracey, no stopping her now, yep agree after being transferred 3 hrs away to Melbourne when our 3rd son came at 29.5 wks it is amazing how every fibre in your body misses the kids and I was only gone a week before I saw them and it felt like months!!! ??

    LOL at the underwear maybe at home you gotta little too comfy if you know what I mean!!

    Even superman and Batman could worn a modesty patch or maybe what the cricket era wear a cup LOL! ?

  • You just have your superheroes mixed up- you need red undies with an ‘S’ on them- superman greets everyone in his undies, quite proudly too. Well done Tracey, gorgeous pic, and a fantastic baby step towards home

  • Bruce you have an amazing way of writing I have followed Traceys story from the beginning and lived your highs and lows.I have cried and soo laughed at your stories.Tracey is amazing,so very excited to see that she has progressed to this stage.Keep fighting Tracey you will soon be home with your beautiful family.

  • I’m so please I read your blog today. Not to read about your boxer shorts but to see the photo of Tracey. She truely is a wonder woman.

  • I’ll just let the “shorts” go, but that photo of Tracey – WOW!!!!
    That’s one very determined lady you have there, Bruce. I am so thrilled to see her up on her feet again – what fantastic news! You go, girl! <3 <3 <3

  • That is absolutely fanfreakingtastic news!!! Go Tracey!!! I know just how difficult that first venture out of the bed can be. I wanted to kill my physio, especially because he was so upbeat and perky. He was lucky he was cute and I was attached to a million wires and that my insides were at risk of becoming outsides, otherwise I would have run him down ?.

    Good to hear things are on the up and up.

    Oh and my dad wears those jockey short things around the house all the time. I totally reckon they’re shorts.

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