Jack O’Lanterns


Success on two fronts today – firstly we picked up our three pumpkins for less than $5 each, down from $5/kg to $1/kg in a last minute rush to get them sold, and secondly I managed to make Jack O’Lanterns without loosing a finger, although lets face it a bit of blood would have been very in keeping with the whole theme of the night.

It took an hour to carve out the three large squash, which was a flash in the pan compared to the two hours it took the kids to pick the face they wanted me to carve from a Google search. And even then, Miss7 gave me a lot of “it’s not exactly the same, Dad, but that’s okay….I guess.”

It all amounted to a fun night with the kids on the balcony with only an occasional “I’m holding a knife! Please stand on the other side of me and stop jumping up and down and spinning around and around and squealing in my ear!” They were a little excited.

After we’d turned off the lights and bathed in our own cleverness (and after the kids got out scarves and hats and crowns to dress their pumpkins up in) we set them up in a tree and on the fence so passing cars could admire our handiwork as well (Needy? Who me? Noooo).

Halloween isn’t something I was raised to celebrate (like many of my generation, quite the opposite) and I don’t feel strongly about it like I do about other important yearly milestones, like Father’s Day, but it is a great chance to carve out a bit of orange, ghouly fun with the kids and I’m all for that.

What do you think?

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