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There aren’t many resorts or motels with rooms that sleep 8, so when we go away for a break with the kids we usually need two rooms. Stands to reason, then, we can only afford to do this half as much or less as the average family.

So we need options and camping delivers big time.

A one-off spend on things like a tent (or tents), something to sleep on/in and cook on and you’re laughing. Actually the list is a little longer than that but most stuff, like pots and cutlery, you can drag out of the kitchen cupboards. Of course, we needed to buy a trailer to drag it all around in, but your car might have a boot.

The BIG plus for camping isn’t the cost though, it’s the experience. Yep, nothing like a sore back in the morning and the unsanitary toilets to let you know you’re alive. We take bikes and balls so the kids can race around annoying other people while we try to teach wood to burn and enjoy a cold one before the ice melts to the bottom of the esky and makes the meat soggy.
We are not good campers by any means. But the kids love the outdoors and the joy of being able to run around in a new and exciting setting.

Since Miss1, with her breathing difficulties, we’re developed the Lazy Camping – we leave the tent at home, but take all the other stuff. We have a campfire and cook mashmellows and stargaze and tell stories and make billy tea and sing and burn dinner and get bitten my mossies and get rained on and trip on tree roots as we walk to the toilet block and all the rest of the fun stuff, but we pack up and come home at bedtime. We’re looking forward to staying a few nights at Cedar Grove in the near future, but for now it’s simply not possible.

Ask a kid if they want to stay at the Sheraton or go camping – the answer won’t surprise you. Besides, if we go to the Sheraton I don’t want to take the kids, I have other activities in mind. Like having two hands free to attack the buffet breakfast.

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  • I love camping. I grew up spending quality time with my family this way. I have my first baby on the way and I can’t wait to start new camping traditions with him! Affordable and fun – a win in my book!

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