Right On Target

Tracey needed some retail therapy tonight (I don’t know why and knew better than to ask) so when I arrived home from work she ducked off. An hour later she fairly skipped back in with a bag of goodies.

“How much to do you think I spent?” she asked. She’d bought a pair of shoes for Miss7, a t-shirt for Master6 and a pair of PJ’s for Miss4. I dreaded to think.

“$50?” Just a guess. Based on my knowing she had a fifty in her purse when she left.

“$10!” Well that as a lot better than I expected.

Target is having a ‘20% off the already marked down price’ sale at the moment. My favourite! 🙂

PJ’s originally $16, now $3.89.
Shoes originally $10, now $3.88.
T-Shirt originally $11, now $2.29.
So $37 worth of stuff for a budget saving $10.06. Less than the original price of the T-Shirt alone.

Tracey is going to go down to Target again on the weekend when we’ve more time (and cash) to stock up on more items.

We always buy at these sales, which they tend to have a couple of times a year. Generally they’re selling Summer  stock in Winter or visa versa, but we store the clothes in boxes marked with Boy/Girl and size until a kid moves up a size and it’s the appropriate season.

If you wait until you the last minute to buy clothes – when little miss’s tracky dacks have become three quarter pants – you’ll always pay top dollar. Buy for their next growth spurt  when there are sales on 🙂

And you can buy heaps!

What do you think?

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