Our Little Hero

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Is there anything scarier than finding something physically amiss with your kid?

Recently, we noticed a lump behind Miss7’s knee. Worried, we marched her quickly to the doctors. The result, when Tracey told me, was a real surprise. A really pleasant surprise.

“A sport’s injury?” I said to Tracey. “You sure?”

My wife assured me it was true, saying the doctor described it as a Bakers Cyst.

“How did she get it?” I wanted to know.

I felt for sure it wasn’t from Little Athletics on Friday nights. Instead of running Miss7 does more talking and walking on the 400m track than Tracey does shopping for new shoes.

“She thinks it was a few weeks ago when she fell over running to meet you in the car before school,” Tracey told me.

So it was running.

“Wow!” I said, hugging Miss7. “I’m so proud!”

We’ve never had a real sportsperson in the family before and, based on this injury alone, our Miss7 now qualifies as the most sporty of all her six siblings.

I assume there’s a scholarship somewhere for this sort of thing?

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