Sewing the seeds of love

Tracey made little Miss4 (when she was little Miss3) a beautiful purple skirt last year which our little darling has worn on every conceivable occasion. Now she’s outgrown it and Tracey took Miss4 to the shop to choose some material for a replacement. Total cost – $5. Miss4, the fashion guru, matched the material to her favourite red spotted boots.

Now my wife is no seamstress. In fact, simple skirts and tops are the full extent of her sewing skills. But she loves doing them, and the girls love to wear them. Last year a lovely customer of Tracey’s offered to take a few hours to show Tracey how easy it is to make a couple of items. Thanks to this lady Tracey has a wonderful hobby which gives her great satisfaction and allows her to forge a special connection with the girls.

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  • I love it! I’ve just bought an overlocker to add to my sewing adventures! I love that I’ll be able to make clothing for my daughter and any subsequent children. Found you via ‘Stay At Home Mum’ 🙂 Loving scouring your blog!

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