Playing The Long Game

You know all those times you have an opportunity to buy something but you simply don’t have the money? Well I’m here to tell you that’s not always a bad thing. You’re simply playing the long game.

A squeal of delight had me ducking into our bedroom yesterday, eager to see if I could be included.

“Look!” said Tracey, pointing at her computer.

I looked.

As I always do when this sort of thing happens I took a moment to be disappointed it wasn’t porn.

“Our home,” I said. Because there was a photo of our home on her screen.

An old photo, obviously. Quite aside from the lack of colour, there was no fence, the sleep out wasn’t fully enclosed and the roof looked insurable. And…

That’s the tree on the corner,” said Tracey, pointing at the tiny thing which I’ve thrice had to trim back so it doesn’t clog our gutters.

Further inquiry revealed this photo was available on a website called Corley Explorer. which came up on Gympie. The Real Treasure Is The Town FB page. I’ve hyperlinked those but I have no idea what Corley Explorer is, like if it’s just for Gympie or anything. All I know is they have this photo, and what Tracey read about them on Facebook.

Someone who was keen to see what there home looked like back in the fifties or whenever they were taken was upset their old house wasn’t there. It turns out the reason for that is the owners at the time decided to pay for the photo.

Which means we only have this photo because the people living in the house at the time were too tight to fork out for it.


But also, the lady who was there at the time and is here now haunting our home (if you believe in such things, which I don’t but keep to myself because I don’t want to upset her) might simply have been playing the long game, and the fact we’re planning on printing, framing and hanging up this photo has all worked out just as she expected.

Well played, Hazel, you beautiful figment of our family’s collective imagination. Well played.

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