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Keeping all the balls in the air is hard. We love catching up with family, but sometimes, for whatever reason, we leave it a bit too long between cuppas.Which is why we were so happy Great Grandma Lawrence dropped by this morning. As a lovely surprise she brought with her a bunch of dressups she picked up at the thrift shop for each of the girls.

“They’re beautiful!” I told her as I called for Miss8, Miss5 and Miss2 to drag themselves away from the telly for a minute.

I was very pleased when the girls showed they were as happy to see Great Grandma as they were to be given fairy dresses.

Miss5 was especially thrilled and surprised to find Great Grandma Lawrence in the kitchen. “I haven’t seen you for a long time,” she squealed, throwing her arms around her. “I thought you were dead.”

Better late than late, I guess.


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  • What beautiful, thoughtful gifts 🙂
    I love how kids just say things with no filter! Although, I don’t know whether I will say that when the Little Mister is able to verbalise in English haha.

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