Someone Will Be Given This Old Hotel

Welcome to what has become my obsession.

A couple of weeks ago a news article popped up in my Facebook feed about an old building in Bethungra being given away to whoever has the best idea of what to do with it, and I am now so far down the rabbit hole the Hatter is giving me sidewards glances and asking if I need a valium.

I’ve not only Googled every variation of Bethungra + Hotel + B&B + pub + Shirley with the likes of pub + history + cottage industry + highway + traffic + entertainment imaginable, I’ve emailed the current owners, the Junee shire council and the nice lady down the road at the Olde School T-House with questions. Everyone’s been lovely so I know I’ve got in before the rush.

Here’s the deal. Fill in the application for this beautiful old hotel, which is currently run as a B&B, and you have a shot at being given the place so you can fulfil your vision. They’ve set an application fee of $100 each (refundable less, I think, the $4 processing fee if they don’t reach their benchmark 20,000 applications) and I think it’s worth it for the chance to dream a little dream.

Always wanted to set up a funky fudge shop? A coffee shop?

This is your chance.

Dreamed about a country craft centre? A old style general store?

Get your pencil out and start scribbling this shit down!

A shelter for abandoned politicians? A roadkill museum?


Don’t give up: it takes some people longer than others.

Obviously it’s been a pub in the past, and from what I’ve learned had a history with Cobb & Co and even Mary McKillop. It isn’t run as a pub at the moment, although it does appear to have a commercial kitchen of some sort and some photos I’ve seen suggest the odd wedding is held on the grounds or inside the function room.

Now because I love this idea so much and it’s given me so much joy thinking of ways to put this ol’ girl to good use, I’ve decided to share all the information and screenshots I’ve collected with anyone who wants them. I’ll add more to it over the next three months – which is how long applications are open for – as I find stuff out.

And obviously, I accept no responsibility if it turns out to be a scam – but I really don’t think it is. But just in case I know nothing, you know. Good.

In any case, this isn’t a sponsored post or anything, and I’m putting it out there I am definitely throwing my name in the hat: just as soon as I can convince Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee to help me wrestle it off the Hatter’s big fat head.

There’s a link to the Facebook page where the application can be accessed at the bottom of this post, after all the photos. Skim through them. Dream. Imagine yourself in the pictures. Think of what this might do for the future of you and yours.

But most of all, have fun everyone!

Some possibly useful links

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Other Graphics & Stuff Which You Might Find Helpful

Want to have a go? Here’s the link to their Facebook Page: Apply for my Home Hotel Shirley B&B Bethungra

Raising a family on little more than laughs

This post is not sponsored, I just really like the idea of people dreaming a little dream

What do you think?

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