Now that we have grass and some flat ground for the kids to play on they’re really enjoying the simple things, like running, kicking, tackling and chasing. And screaming and yelling and bellowing. All those things which are better done outside and away from me.

And, simplest of simplest, drinking out of a hose.

It might sound odd but our kids haven’t had much call to drink out of a tap or hose because they’ve almost always been on the balcony playing or in the house where we have these things called cups. So it’s fun to watch them discover this simple joy. I say fun, but I mean funny.

Take Miss7 today.

After racing about the yard with her younger siblings she needed a drink. She turned the tap on and went in search of the end of the hose. She brought it up to her mouth and…


The stream of water died.

“Maybe it’s got a kink in it,” suggested Tracey.

Miss7 shook the hose. She glanced around at where it lay coiled behind her to see if it was kinked. She peered into the hose and…

…a torrent of water shot out and soaked her head.

You’re probably thinking I was messing with the tap. I wasn’t. I was right next to my wife.

Having held the hose away from herself for a few seconds while she spluttered and wiped her eyes, Miss7 then opened her mouth and bent her head over the hose again and…


The stream of water had died yet again before she could get there.

She shook the hose. She glanced behind herself for kinks. She even pulled it a bit. Then she looked in the hose and…

…water shot up her nose and into her eyes.

At this point giggles gave the game away as Miss2 – yes, not even three yet and already an evil mastermind who knows the comedic potential of hoses – peeked around the corner of the house to see if she was going to get away with trying to drown her sister again.

The clearing and terracing and turfing of our back yard is one of the best ideas I’ve ever taken off Tracey and pretended was my own. There’s good times ahead, to be sure. I can feel it in me waters.

back yard

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