Call me HOTGUY!

Master7 told me last night if he could be any superhero, he’d be Hotguy.

“Who?” I asked him.

Master20’s lifelong obsession with all things geeky means I have a better than necessary knowledge of the world of superheroes. And all things Pokemon.

I don’t know which superhero I’d want to be but if I could choose to be a Pokemon I’d be Snorlax – he only wakes up to eat. Although having said that, Master7’s superhero choice was sounding a bit of alright.

“Hotguy!” Master7 repeated to me, and my head filled with images of a caped crusader lounging against a bar giving passing women the old nudge nudge wink wink treatment: using his powers of hotness to save them from having nothing to dream about – a bit like the guy in the Old Spice ads. But Master7’s next comment pointed me in the right direction. “From The Avengers.”

I couldn’t remember a Hotguy in The Avengers movie, although Tracey seemed to take a long time to answer my questions whenever Thor was onscreen.

“You know, Dad, with the bow and arrows.”

I mentally ticked off the Avengers – Ironman, Hulk, Captain Underpants….

“Oh!” I said, connecting the dots. “You mean Hawkeye.”

I’m really glad we cleared that up.

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