My Son Is So Devonair


“Can I have a little bag of chips in my lunch tomorrow?” Master9 asked me this afternoon.

“Ah, no,” I told him.

I think he’s enjoyed this sort of treat maybe thirty times his whole life, including since daycare, and quite aside from not making a special trip to the supermarket, we don’t have the money to waste on that sort of thing. Not that we tell them that, of course. We opt for the ‘they’re too unhealthy’ excuse.

But kids always want what they can’t have.

“Okay, well can I have two sandwiches tomorrow?” Master9 asked.

“Sure,” I said, not thinking too much of it. You make five sandwiches every night, you may as well make six.

Besides, with his appetite increasing, maybe this was a sign my little boy would be going through a growth spurt soon.

“But not jam,” he continued. “They’ve got to be Devon sandwiches.”

Now the cogs in my head started to turn.


A sneaking suspicion I was missing something was confirmed by a very guilty grin appearing on his far from innocent face.

It turns out Master9 has turned lunch time into a sort of swap meet, and has been exchanging half a Devon sandwich with another kid for a bag of bacon and cheese balls.

“But if I’ve got two Devon sandwiches I can have a whole sandwich, a bag of chips and still have half a sandwich to swap for something else,” he grinned.

Some kid will probably swap it for his can of Coke.

Like I said, they always want what they don’t have. Even, as unlikely as it sounds, Devon.

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