Lounging About

It’s hard to imagine spending quality time with the kids by sitting in front of the telly, but that’s what I did tonight. I sprawled out on the lounge and watched Giggle & Hoot.

Usually when I come home there’s a hive of activity, with dinners, baths and all the rest. Plus I like to check my emails and bits. Time flies and before you know it the kids have to be tucked into bed. There’s kisses and cuddles and lots of love, but it turns out something was missing.

Tonight I realized just how much time all the usual night duties is taking away from my time with the kids because I couldn’t see the telly for the wall of children clambering all over me and jostling for a better spot. My testies were especially popular with feet and elbows. They couldn’t have been closer and better attached if I was dressed in a Velcro suit.

And you know what? Bruises aside, it was fun. Great fun. It ended up with four little kids with their heads either on my chest or snuggled into my arms. Tracey’s belly was going off so much it was like the fetus was trying to join in – and the kids all had a feel of Mummy’s belly and the wonder within.

I guess sometimes we all need a reminder that being there isn’t enough, you have to really BE THERE. 

What do you think?

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