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Over the years, through a clothes swapping kind of network with friends, we have had a number of Pumpkin Patch items arrive on our doorstep. Boy do they know how to make quality kid’s clothes.

Trouble is, many of the items are worth more than what we’d pay for our clothes. We simply can’t afford them.

Until they’re on special!

Their website had discounted items and Tracey picked up $166.65 worth of clothes for only $70.38 (with free delivery). Even $70 is more than we’d usually pay for 4 items of clothing for the kids, but Miss7 has requested some clothes for her birthday in a couple of weeks so we can justify the expense (and it leaves us $130 of her $200 birthday budget still to spend on other presents for her).

We went into a Pumpkin Patch store on the coast a couple of weeks ago and they had nothing in this price range on display.

Tracey receives messages from a number of websites (like Pumpkin Patch) when they have specials on, and her network of friends provides us updates on other shops and sites.

Pumpkin Patch website

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  • You should go to today, they are having a birthday bash, items are free, just pay postage. And has the sane each Friday!

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