Getting Round Dad

Out to dinner last night with some good friends when I noticed my mate went for a salad with his lean steak and mushroom gravy. This is a guy who enjoys his chips.

Not being one to pry, I immediately asked, “Are you on a diet, bigfella?”

“Apparently I’m fat,” he told me as he moved a bit of lettuce around his plate.

“Says who?”

“Shaun The Sheep,” he said, but it seems his 6 year old daughter has a lot to do with it too.

The catalyst was a donut treat for afternoon tea the week before. The family was sitting around the dinning table and they’d each had one.

“Trouble was,” said my mate, “there’s five of us and there were six donuts in the pack.”

The rest of the family had left the table, but Girl6 and Bigfella eyed each other over the last donut like gunslingers. Finally, Girl6 broke the silence and got in the first shot.

“Fat people should not eat donuts,” she said.

Ow! Bulls-eye! Straight to the heart.

“Wha…?” my mate started.

“That’s what it said on Shaun The Sheep,” she continued. “There was a fat sheep and Shaun was getting him to do exercise but the fat sheep couldn’t even lift his arms properly.” To emphasize her point she’d lifted her arms in a half-hearted sort of effort, and then given up and shrugged. My mate says it was an excellent reenactment. Award worthy.

Then she went for the head shot.

“Can you do that?” she asked, lifting her arms again, but just not quite getting them all the way up. “Exercise?”

He said he ended up sharing the donut with her, but only to get something in her mouth and stop her talking before he had to take gravy off his menu as well.



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