New Toys – I love them. They hate me.

I now have a Kindle. Umm….this may take a while.

I am a total sucker for advertisements selling anything new. Eager looking whoevers will be trotting something wiz-bang across the screen and I will instantly add it to my must-have list.

Whether it goes at the top or bottom end of the list depends on the price. If there’s more chance I can actually afford something I put it up the top. Cause I’m a realist.

A card reader for our camera’s Compact Flash memory card is currently at the top of my list. Whereas a Bugatti Veyron (in gun metal grey, thank you) is down near the bottom. Not that I really, really want a Bugatti. I’ve seen the boys from Top Gear in them and I’m fairly certain I would kill myself somewhere between leaving the caryard and the first corner.

The only new technology I haven’t coveted in the last few years are these newfangled 3D tellies. 3D doesn’t work with me because one of my eyes is bung. Not that I’m complaining – if Tracey and I are arguing I can sit on her right and ignore her completely – it’s a handy handicap cause it’s like she’s not there. Except for the noise. Even if I was deaf I’d still have a hard time tuning that out (not that I’d want to, my sweet voiced nightingale x).

This week, due to some gift cards I received for Big W, I have become the proud, if somewhat befuddled, owner of an eReader. I’m very excited. All those books I could never afford to buy in paperback I will now not be able to afford as eBooks. That’s progress, right there.

So this afternoon I sat down to play with my new toy and had mastered the act of turning it on in a mere forty five minutes. I foresee hours of entertainment ahead of me.

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