Overheard In A Fitting Room


I doubt there’ll be a parent, and more specifically a mother, who can’t relate to this post. This conversation happened in the fitting rooms of a department store in Gympie this very morning. The woman and her young son of around six entered one of cubicles with a couple of items the mum wanted to try on.

Son: “Aw, Mum, I don’t wanna be in here. Can’t I just stand outside?”

Mother: “You can wait in here with me.”

Son: “Don’t worry. There’s cameras.”

Mother: “I said no.”

Son: “Do I have to watch you undress?”

Mother: “No, you can turn around.”

Son: “Mum, I can still see you! There’s mirrors everywhere. I can’t not see you.”

Mother: “Please, just let me try these on.”

Son: “Wait! You’re not going to take your bra off, are you? I don’t wanna see your boobies.”

Mother: “I’m not showing you my boobies.”

Son: “Good. And you’re not going to take your undies off, are you?”

Mother: “No.”

Son, after a pause: “I don’t think you got the right size. That’s not going to fit you. You know, you’re not very skinny.”

Mother, whispering: “Gee, thanks.”

Son, loudly: “Hey, Mum, you’ve got a rash!”

Mother, whispering even softer: “I’ve just been scratching.”

Son: “You should get that looked at.”

Mother, as a threat: “I am never bringing you shopping again.”

Son, with genuine relief: “Good.”

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  • Way too familiar, I am afraid! It could have been my kids if you threw in a sentence or two about the ‘unusual’ places they perceive me to have hair… and wrinkles… 🙂 Preferably while someone we know is in the cubicle next door…

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