Hanging in my hoody

A big day for me yesterday – a new toy (Kindle) and a new pullover.

The end of the season is always a great time to stock up for next year. With that in mind Tracey and I arrived at Jeanswest in Gympie and I picked up a pullover which originally retailed for $59.99 for a budget-breaking $12.50. Plus I’ve been wearing it ever since because I’ve been bloody cold.

Who says on a budget you have to forget about quality 🙂

There’s always more satisfaction to be had from finding a bargain than paying full price anyway. I’d rather spend my money on other things. Like beer.

Only downside was their crazy sizing system which has bizarrely seen me having to buy XXL. I’m a L, surely.

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  • Nothing like a bargain!! I find that often perfectly good items go on sale just because whoever sized them did a really bad job and no-one could be bothered finding the size that fits them properly.
    I’ve bought so many good clothing items by just being a bit patient 🙂

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