My kids mustn’t watch enough television

I have to admit, with the abundance of free movies we have at our disposal I thought my kids watched too much tv. Well I’m pleased to be able to inform you that this simply isn’t the case. How can I be so sure? I’m glad I asked.
Tonight, for Family Night we decided to play Disney Trivial Pursuit and, to make the night even more of a challenge, we decided only Miss7, Master5 & Miss3 could answer the questions. We sometimes helped Miss3 by reducing the choice of 4 answers down to two.
Things were progressing nicely however bedtime came and went without a single wedge being earned. After nearly an hour, we decided to redefine the terms of victory. The winner, we decided, would be whoever reached an impressive 2 wedges. A further half hour of painstakingly simple questions (this is not the genius version) and not-even-close answers ensued before Master5 erupted from his perch victorious. 
And even then we may have whispered the answer.

Another glorious success for Family Night 😀

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