Lunchtime special

Every time I have to buy my lunch at work I inevitably spend about $10. My favourite lunch, a BLT with olives and a little chilli sauce, costs $6. Trouble is while I haven’t worked out how to leave a cafe without an espresso in my hot little hands, so I spend $10. Unless I spot an apple turnover or vanilla slice and then the skies the limit.

I take sandwiches occasionally, or leftovers on the rare days we’ve any. But I get tired of sandwiches, even toasted sandwiches, every day.

When I first started work I would buy my lunch everyday and then wonder why I had no money at the end of the week. $50 a week on lunch is $2600 a year I can spend on much better stuff, like cheeses and beer.

Our local Aldi has provided me with the solution.

For $4 I am able to choose from a limited number of curry meals – Butter Chicken, Tikka Masala, Rogan Josh & (my favourite) Thai Green Chicken Curry.

And when I eat at work I have instant coffee, so I save $6 on lunch, minimum 😀 and that’s $1560 a year.

What do you think?

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