How to afford more beer

A friend posted on Facebook this morning that Target was further discounting items (it’s good to have a network of friends looking out for each other). Today Tracey bought 22 items of clothing, everything from shirts and skirts to slippers and a dressing gown for a total outlay of (drum roll please) $101.

Most of these items will be boxed up in their sizes for future growth spurts. Tracey checked out the full retail price of all the 22 items and it would have been $281. That’s a whooping $181 saving, or to put it in practical terms a very cool 5 cartons of beer 😉

There’s talk of going back tomorrow – just before closing today Tracey noticed some items aren’t marked as on special but are still ringing up huge savings at the cash register. It’s hard to say no when there’s so much beer at stake.

What do you think?

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