Movie Madness

Because it was a hot day, and because she’s nearly nine months preggers, Tracey spent the day in search of air-con.

Before work, Tracey and I brainstormed and came up with a plan – after some shopping she would take the kids to the movies. Because we haven’t had to pay for dvd’s for a few years, with Tracey having free movies from her work at Blockbuster, we haven’t taken the kids to the cinema more than once a year.

Adding to their holiday adventures, at the local supermarket centre management had organised free slot cars for kids. A nice bit of fun. They had a couple of goes before grocery shopping and then another before heading to the car.

Then she announce to the kidlettes around midday, when they’d get the most relief from basking in the superior, closed room air-con and sip on cold drinks. Alvin was showing. Perfect. Or so she thought.

“Who wants to go to the movies!” she asked excitedly in the car.
“No thanks,” came the chorus back.
“You don’t want to go to the movies?” she asked, a little incredulous.
“Movies are boring. All you do is sit there and eat junk food,” Master6 told her.
I thought that was the point. So did Tracey. And this from the same kid whose idea of a dream Saturday afternoon would be to sit on the lounge and watch an entire season of Pokemon.

Not to be deterred from spending two hours in a wonderfully cool room, Tracey asked a few more times as she drove into the heart of G-town.

“Would you stop asking, Mum,” Master6 said eventually with a well practiced eye-roll. He gets them from my side of the family.

Next Tracey suggested Ten Pin Bowling: their air-con is nearly as good as that at the cinema. No go. Air Hockey? Nup.
In the end, at their insistence, Tracey took them around to her sister’s place for a refreshing swim.
So no air-con for Tracey, but every cloud has it’s silver lining. We expected to spend about $50 on a special treat for the kids today. Instead, the total cost was zip.

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