Even When I’m Sleeping


I’m such a good parent that even when I’m taking a less-than-standoverish supervisory role, good things happen.

And, of course, by less-than-standoverish role I mean…

“Wake up,” snapped my wife.

She’d just returned from making a delivery of some sort.

“I’m not really asleep,” I mumbled.

If she’d called me on this it would have been a hard sell, especially as I was, according to all five kids (I checked), snoring.

She didn’t.

So all I had to do was crawl out of Miss5’s bed, count heads to make sure everyone was alive and well, and make my wife a please-forgive-me cup of coffee.

This is all pretty standard.

What isn’t is for me to find all five kids in the one spot, gathered around a laptop watching something. As I made Tracey, and myself, a coffee I inquired what was going on.

“We made a movie,” Miss11 told me.

“I’m an actress,” said Miss5, “like Dora.”

While I’d been asleep watching over them, our kids had written, filmed and edited a little video. Yes, much of it’s shot on shakycam on out of focus film stock, but wow. Just wow.

I have written stuff on this blog multiple times every week for years and I’m still hard pressed to tell you how proud I am, not only that they’ve done it but that the older kids made sure everyone was involved. And my favourite bits? The apostrophe in Monsters? Miss3 thinking someone dropped their guts? The extra H in watching? Hmmmm….I reckon it’s probably the unscripted ass scratching at 0:58.

If this is what happens when I fall asleep while ‘watching’ the kids…well, if I say anything less than a hearty “sweet dreams” surely I’m stifling their creativity – and I’m way too good a parent for that.

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