KIVA – a feel good Christmas gift idea

I LOVE the concept of KIVA – lending small amounts of money to people in less fortunate countries who wouldn’t normally have access to additional funds, let alone pass a bank’s stringent lending criteria.You’ve probably heard the expression, “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” For me, KIVA is the real life example of this.

This photo shows Josephene, a woman in Kenya, who we recently assisted. She wanted to purchase and insure a cow. She only needed $575 and we contributed $25.

Through KIVA, I lend money to poor people in countries like Africa or Uganda for things like stock to expand their store, or education for their children or seeds. I love that I choose who I lend my money to. A group of five or fifty people might contribute to a person’s request.

It is a very satisfying experience, and one the whole family can be involved in – we often let the kids choose who we lend to.

The best thing about KIVA is that you can keep giving the same money again and again. As the loan is repaid it is credited to your account and you can lend it to someone else.

This year we’re giving away KIVA gift vouchers to some family members to encourage them to look at the wonderful work this organisation is doing. They can then choose to lend the money out, or withdraw it and spend it on themselves.

KIVA – have a look for yourself

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