Low Tech Hiatus is OVER!

Well thank goodness that’s done with for another month. Although, having said that I must confess I really enjoy the peace and quiet when we don’t have three or four different electronic devices fighting for our attention.We allowed Miss16 to have a radio for the week which also lowered the background noise – not as many whimpering and snarling sounds issuing from her room. She’s also been asked to write an article about the whole experience for the local teen magazine – THE NOISE. She agreed, but informed them the article probably won’t come out rooting for the affirmative.

Master5 became Master6 on Tuesday. Pokemon ruled the present selection and his ‘best birthday ever’ statements throughout the day pointed towards us having made the right choices. Only downside for the poor poppet was having to wait until Friday night to watch some of his new Pokemon dvds because of the Low Tech Blackout. Still, McDonalds for dinner helped smooth that over.

And I began planning and writing a screenplay for SCRIPT FRENZY. The timing was perfect. Our Low Tech Hiatus meant I had four days to sit at the dinning table and work out the scenes, plot points and characters using the Blake Snyder beats from his hugely successful book, SAVE THE CAT. While working without my laptop was frustrating at times, it was also a blessing. Without the distractions of Facebook and, well let’s face it, this blog, I was able to complete a fair bit of work.

Hey, and it’s a bit of fun. If you work in an office you need to have something creative to do or you’ll go nuts. Or I’ll go nuts anyway.

Tracey loves when we turn off the computers and television for a few days. Everyone chats and connects.

I have to admit I love it too.

When not typing away over here and checking his stats every two minutes Bruce Devereaux hangs out at his ‘BIG FAMILY little income’  Facebook Page.

 ’raising a family on little more than laughs’

What do you think?

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