Free books!!!

We took the kids to the library today.

Whenever there’s a trip to town stress levels are high. But because Master5 was at Nanny & Poppy’s place still and Master18 & Miss15 were doing whatever teenagers do on Saturday mornings we only had the baby and two little ones to deal with so it was a bit of a dream. Of course, taking Miss3 is equal to the hassle of a dozen kids, but …. well she’s three so we can’t leave her at home by herself: I mean it’s frowned upon and there are laws and stuff.

I love to read and tend to finish a book a week when I’m in the zone. I generally have three books on the go at once and read whatever one best suits my mood on any given day.  If I had to buy these books at full retail we’d need to cut the electricity and phone. Similarly, if I had to buy all the books for all my kids we’d be cancelling Christmas and lunches.

Which is why we go to the library. The added joy of the library for the kids, and me, is that I don’t have to say ‘no’. If Miss6 wants five books, she can have them. It doesn’t cost me money, so there’s no stress. And here’s another benefit to having so many kids – they each get a library card so we’re not really limited to what we take home. We can borrow dozens of books it we want 🙂

Going to the library is a treat the children love. We go on Saturday mornings once a month or so, and the kids race to the car.


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