I’m Feeling Lucky


A friend of ours found out this week that when your kid asks if they can ‘play your phone’ while you have a chat, it doesn’t always mean they’re pressing on Angry Birds or PopStar! or Rush Hour.

The mums were having a cup of tea and discussing how awesome their respective husbands are in bed (guessing) when out of a gap in the conversation a tiny voice was heard.

“…sexy…,” it mumbled, “…ladies…”

“What!” said Tracey’s friend, jumping up in horror. She’d recognized the whisperer as one of hers. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Behind the couch where the girls had been having their chat, little Boy7 looked up from his Mum’s iPhone with big oh shit eyes – a bit like mine when Tracey found me stealing the last of the milk out of the baby’s bottle to make a coffee.

It turns out the keywords were a gift from some of the older boys at school who dared him to go onto Google and look them up – and either that is true or this seven year old is a child prodigy when it comes to making excuses up.

Tracey’s friend was, naturally, very embarrassed.

“Embarrassed?” I exclaimed when Tracey told me the story. Seriously? Around us? It could only mean one thing. “Doesn’t she read our blog?”

Anyway, there’s always a silver lining if you look hard enough, and my wife can usually find it.

“Just be glad it wasn’t on images,” she grinned at her friend.

I’m pretty good at it too, to be honest. Although I’d have gone with just be glad the kid hasn’t learned to type with his mouth shut. One day he’ll learn it’s the only way to get things past the angry bird.

Sorry, I mean his lovely mummy.

angry bird

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