Miss3 advances to FOUR

 A wonderful day on Sunday. Auspicious even. Miss3’s birthday.

The family came over, including Great-Grandma’s, to celebrate. Grandma Judy made the cake, which delighted Miss4. Our little girl had a fun time on Friday with a heap of kids coming over for a party, so Sunday was about family.

Present-wise, she was pretty pleased with herself. We gave her a Tinkerbell fairy pack (with 6 little fairies), a Tinkerbell costume and a Jigglypuff soft toy.

This year Tracey and I have cut back on the presents a tad. We’ve found the kids have so many toys and books in the house they end up pulling it all out and essentially playing with nothing.

Instead of buying a couple of hundred dollars of stuff we just bought what we thought she would really like.

Nanny did particularly well though. She gave Miss4 a lovely gingham costume with a matching doll and a music box. Miss4 refused to take the gingham costume off even at bedtime (getting it off her for her bath was hard enough, and wanted to sleep with the music box rather than the soft toy.

For dinner Miss4 insisted on spaghetti bog, but we had no mince left in the house. So I pulled out my mincer and couple of steaks and, with tears welling in my eyes, minced them up.

So dinner was a success as well 🙂

Great day. Great fun. Great girl.

What do you think?

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