Wet and Wild

This is Miss1 filling the dog’s water
bowl – a job which can take hours.

We took advantage of having a sixteen year old in the house tonight and snuck out to the shops by ourselves.

With so many kidlettes we don’t often have a chance to have a couple of hours with just the two of us. It’s nice to be able to talk adult talk without having to skirt around the sensitive issues or mind our P’s & Q’s. And besides, Miss16 isn’t stupid. She knows how important it is we get kidless shopping time with Christmas just around the corner.
This is such a rare scenario for us that when we pulled up outside a shop Tracey said, “I’ll go. You wait here,” as though there were kids to be sat with. Suddenly it occurred to us we could both get out. We didn’t have to, but we did, and snickered all the way into the shop like two juveniles buying their first pack of condoms to water-bomb teachers on the last day of school. 
Not that this sort of outing ever goes without it’s little hiccups. 
Not an hour into our shop and we got a call from Miss16. Historically this is a call for someone to come home and change a dirty nappy. She doesn’t do them. She says there’s a line and handling poo is so far on the other side of it we’d need a ladder and binoculars just to see it.

But it wasn’t a dirty nappy this time. Seems while Miss16 was setting up the lounge room for a movie to keep the kids settled, Miss1 and Miss3 had decided they’d rather play some watersports. In lieu of a night time sprinkler romp in the yard they pressed the water dispenser on the fridge until the floor was nice and splashy and then took turns in running up and sliding through the kitchen.

For the record, this is a first. These are children five and six and none of the their older siblings have ever attempted to convert the inside of our house into a scaled down Wet’n’Wild theme park.
Fortunately the whole thing could be fixed with a couple of towels and without us having to come home, although I did have to use my Daddy Voice on the phone and according to Tracey that’s always good for a laugh.

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