But I Like Eating Onions

Since her operation on Thursday, Tracey has been holding off eating until her doctor gives her the okay.

In her absence, it seems at least one of her children has been attempting to go out in sympathy.

“I’m not eating that,” Miss13 told me coldly.

Dinners have been a little more slap dab that usual here in the bus with Tracey in hospital. Not that I don’t prepare my fair share of meals in the course of a normal week, but a round trip to visit Tracey in hospital each day, even though we don’t overstay our welcome, is somewhere between four and five hours.

As our mornings are spent doing some homeschooling, cleaning and pouring coffee down my gullet, it’s often around sundown by the time we arrive back in Lowood and start the usual nightly chores of showers, dinner and pouring beer down my gullet.

On this particular occasion, I’d boiled the pasta, browned the mince and added garlic, only to discover we had no jars of pasta sauce or tomato soup in our small pantry box.

Digging deep into the culinary skillset I picked up as a bachelor at university, I reached for a couple of other cans, tearing them open and pouring their contents into the frypan.

“I’ll just eat the noodles,” Miss13 went on.

“You can’t,” I told her. “Or there won’t be enough for everybody else.”

“Well, I’m not eating it,” she repeated, glancing at my concoction with disgust.

Even as I’d added the cans I’d suspected this might be the case, and had carefully gone over different ways of approaching this roadblock and helping her to overcome her bias.

“Yes, you are,” I said.

It didn’t work. When she went on I took up my plan B.

“I don’t,” she said pointedly, “like baked beans.”

The tins I’d added were beans and diced tomatoes. At uni I also used to add chopped up franks, but the kids had eaten all the cherrios for lunch. I know what you’re thinking: shame.

“But you’ve never tried them like this,” I reminded Miss13. “They taste good in this. It’s like onions,” I went on. “I don’t like eating onions straight from the pantry, but I love onions in different recipes.”

“It’s not the same,” she said.

“Because you’d eat an onion?”

There was a pause while she worked out the best way to answer that.


To paraphrase the Grail Knight from Indian Jones & The Last Crusade, she chose….poorly.

And that is essentially why we have the video below.

And also, because I’m a stubborn git, why we had the same thing for lunch the next day just prior to recording it.

It’s possibly this is funny just because it’s our two kids, but Tracey tells me when she watched it from her hospital bed she had to hold her sides to make sure she didn’t pull her stitches and spill her insides.

Raising a family on little more than laughs

This post is not sponsored at all. Even the bit below – I’m promoting it because I’m in it 😀

Look at moi being all fancy pants on a panel. Cause, you know, I is so smarts and stuff.

At least the rest of the line up looks fantastic. I know (and love to bits) Kat and Sam. Can’t wait to meet Elise as well.

But mainly I’m really keen to hear from the key speaker, Sue Spence, who’s one of the co-founders of BRAVE-Online – a program for the treatment, early intervention and prevention of anxiety in children and adolescents. We’re battling our fair share of this. I think we’re winning, but I wouldn’t mind some pointers.

If you think this sounds interesting, helpful and as much fun as I do, book in and join us. It’s at Cloudland in Brisbane, so the atmosphere should be super too. Tickets are $75, which includes grub and a glass of bubbles, but there’s an early bird special until July 30th is $55.

How good is she looking?!? No more seats being given up or allowed to push into supermarket lines because people think she’s pregnant. Seriously, her boobs stick our further than her belly now – and it’s only been five days! In other fantastic news, she might be out as soon as tomorrow. I hope not. I’d like her in for another week until I know it’s okay for her to be away from all those wonderful doctors, but we’ll see how she goes. 

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