Jack-o’-lantern preparations

This year we’ve decided to bite the bullet and celebrate Halloween with gusto, despite years spent tut-tutting at people who do.

The reason we’ve decided to carve out pumpkins isn’t because we’re so impressed with Obama we want to extend a friendly gesture to our northern brothers. What’s happened is that we’ve realized we haven’t had a proper party here for about three years and Halloween seemed nice and close and handy. And the kids LOVE dressing up. And so do I.

Actually, Miss6’s birthday party is also on Sunday, but we didn’t want to hijack her special time with her friends so her party is a couple of hours before the family one.

With Halloween just three sleeps away we ordered in our pumpkins from The Marketman. At $8 each they were a steal, because the local supermarket wants $20 each for the same thing.

And I know they’re the same thing because there’s only one farmer in Australia that grows these particular pumpkins because their use-by expires after the 31st of October – they’re thin skinned and as a food they’re only good for pigs.

The kids are excited about the party we’re having and each making their own Jack o’ Lantern. Costumes have been organised and we’re planning a trip to the shop for supplies on Saturday. So all good to go 🙂

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  • We learnt a little Halloween lesson on the weekend. Don’t buy your pumpkins until Saturday because the supermarkets discounted them to $5, which is even cheaper than we managed to buy them direct from the market. As they’re only really good for Halloween or horse food I guess they’d rather loose a little money on them than get nothing at all come Monday.

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