Basket case

Tracey here 🙂  Bruce has been slogging away at this blog constantly over the past few months, while I get the enjoyment of laughing at him (I mean his posts ;D ) I thought tonight that it was my turn to start contributing. so here we go…..

 As Bruce has mentioned this weekend is a very big one for us. It’s been a while since we have let our hair down and partied. 

Grace is having a very ‘girly’ Halloween dress-up party for her 7th birthday. We have skulls and an assortment of other dead and horrid things ready for her.  

I managed to score well today while looking for her party bags when I walked into one of our local cheap shops to find that they had discounted ALL of their Halloween lines down to less than half  price. I managed to make 16 party baskets to give to her party guests for just under $10 in total! They will each leave with a plastic Halloween Trick or Treat basket filled with lollies. It was such a score! 

I also managed to grab loads of extras for 68c. This included torches, plastic swords splattered with blood, fake teeth, spiders and a lantern for the table. Wigs were down to $1.48 so I grabbed a few of them for the day too. All up I spent $30 for goods that normally would have cost over $90.

What I learnt today was in combining Grace’s party with our Halloween party on the same day we managed to find a few advantages:

  • The decorations for the 1st party could be kept up and used for the second party 
  • While leaving the purchasing of decor to the last minute everything was on clearance
  • After running around like a crazy person organizing a kid’s party we get to have a few laughs with friends
  • Grace has the added bonus of EVERYONE in the house being genuinely excited about Sunday and dressing up.

What do you think?

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