I Made My Wife Cry On Mothers Day – YAY!


I realize some people assume because I have a blog I must be tech savvy. This is like assuming a Platapus can quack because it has a bill. I am a techtard.

To perfectly illustrate this, you will notice in one section of the video below I simply pointed a camera at the computer screen and pressed record because I couldn’t work out how to get that particular piece of video tape (I still call it that) to copy into the other computer.

Usually when I get stuck with these things I turn to my wife, but of course I couldn’t this time because it was secret squirrels.

But it was all worth is because with this video I made my wife cry big, face scrunching, nose dripping tears of joy.

I’d show you the photos of those beautiful tears, but I’m not allowed. To quote my wife –

“If you share those photos on the net we’ll never have sex again the rest of your life. And to make that easier to enforce, you’ll be living in a different house.”

So instead, here’s the video the kids and I shot during the week whenever their Mum popped out to the shops or a meeting with clients. Can I just say, it took me calling on every last scrap of my love for my wonderful wife to complete it, and I fear the kids have learned a few creative new phrases while I wrestled with the editing software.

Anywho, here it is, for those of you who’d like to see it. You’ll see a little of the personalities of my kids and maybe why I can still find, after a couple of years of blogging, so much to write about.

After we’d showed it to Tracey, who marveled at how a man who can’t set the alarm clock managed to piece it all together, Miss10 said she could have done it for me.

“We’re mucking about with iMovie at school,” she told me.

She really is just like her mother, I noted while thinking if I’d known this a day earlier I might have gotten to bed before 1am last night.

Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful mums out there!! I hope you’ve been spoilt and hugged and told how much what you do is appreciated 🙂

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  • Omg Bruce you made me cry too – what a beautiful family – they are such a credit to you and Tracey – Happy Mother’s Day Trace!!!!!

  • Awww – how adorable. What a priceless gift! Great idea, Bruce! I am a huge fan of Tracey, just from reading about her on your blog – happy mother’s day!
    It was quite moving to see your older kids’ messages – what an amazing blended family xo

  • aaawwww Bruce! you made me cry happy tears too. just gorgeous! the highlight for me: Question: ‘What makes your Mummy angry?’ Answer: ‘My Daddy’ bahahahaha GOLD!!!

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