RIP Jazz


Because clearly our kids haven’t suffered enough these past six months, last week the fates took our beautiful doggy Jazz from us.

I totally understand one of the reasons you have pets is so kids can learn about life and death and grieving, but with everything they finally seem to have gotten over our kids didn’t need this lesson anymore. Besides, she’d already taught our kids a potentially lifesaving lesson. Seven years ago we needed a solution to our kids’ fear of dogs. The worst moment came when the now Miss8 ran out in front of traffic to avoid a very placid dog on the other side of a fence which wasn’t even looking her way. We answered an online ad looking for a home for a beautiful 9 month old Samoyed, named Jasmine. We fell in love immediately and adopted her. It took nearly a year, but with the help and patience of this sweet fur-ball eventually Miss8 overcame her cynophobia (I just Googled that so I could sound smarter than I am).

Jazz was a good house guest too. She took her security duties very seriously, always going straight for the crotch of anyone who came onto our premises. Despite just having a sniff, it usually pulled them up pretty fast. She’d also insist on helping to clean up after dinner. We’d take care of the table and she’d handle the chairs and floor.

We were genuinely blessed with this dog. She had such a beautiful, gentle nature – we really couldn’t have asked for a more kid friendly dog. All she ever wanted was to lie down between your feet and be close to you, or to lick your face if you happened to bend down to pick something up.

Miss4 and her were especially close, sharing most meals and the occasional bowl of water.

But after seven mostly uneventful years this beautiful dog suddenly became unwell and, from the outset, things didn’t look good. I’m pretty sure, under normal circumstances, the vet would have suggested a different course of action other than treatment. But as he said:

“After what your family has been through lately, I think we need to try.”

And although he ultimately didn’t manage to pull off the Miracle At Bent St which we were hoping for, Dr Geoff‘s herculean efforts (he went into his surgery to check on her at midnight and then 4am) did secure us another night with the hairiest, laziest, lickiest, most-likely-to-sniff-your-crotch member of our family (and yes, I’m including myself in that equation) before she went off to chase the breeze and dig holes in the clouds.


This afternoon we gathered as a family around the front gate, where Jazz would occasionally meet visitors and give a welcome bark to warn us we needed to put pants on and hide the washing pile. We buried Jazz’s collar beneath a Jasmine plant which will bloom every year with a white doggy blanket reminder of our girl. We each said a few words to thank our wonderful friend for being part of our pack and giving us so much love. There were tears and laughs and cries of anguish and lots of hugs.

Each member of the family will miss her in their own unique way. For me, the meal time clean up is when I’m feeling her absence most. Leftovers which would otherwise reward our lovely white girl for her patience are now being scraped into the bin.

I don’t like it at all.

Just like I dislike her not being between my legs while I type on the balcony, or not seeing her sitting on the other side of the sliding door in the morning – she would stand there from the moment our feet hit the floor beside our beds waiting to be let inside to be with her family.

So it’s been a rough week. Just when things were starting to settle back into a routine and the kids were feeling secure again that life wasn’t always on the verge of dealing them a bum hand we have this family tragedy to nurse their emotions through.

Our emotions through.

I know there are people who will think, after all we’ve been through, that it’s only a dog, but they’re wrong. This wasn’t only a dog. This was our dog. She was family. She was one of us.

And her pack is going to feel the heartache of her absence for a long, long time.

RIP Jazz. Thank you for company, the love and for always taking the time to lick the floor clean after a meal. We loved you too.


IMG_5582 IMG_5587 IMG_5586 IMG_5591IMG_5584 IMG_5580IMG_5111

Below: I trotted a few houses up the road to where Jazz’s ‘boyfriend’, Buddy, lived. I explained what had happened to Buddy’s owner and she was very sympathetic. Then I held up a garbage bag. “Would you like some dog bones?”  Buddy’s owner pointed gingerly at the bag and looked horrified. “Oh God, no,” I assured her. “They’re from the butcher. For Buddy. All cow.”  I don’t know if dogs have a sense of humour but I’d like to think Jazz is giving me a last laugh.


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“Raising a family on little more than laughs.”


  • Big loves Devereaux Family. We lost our beloved Pawthos 18 months ago and when they are one of the family it really hurts your heart, no matter how furry they may be. Hopefully you find solace in the clouds above knowing Jazzy is up there on a worldwide holiday with all her furry friends.

  • I share your pain & grief – we had our 11yo dog put down yesterday after a 5 month battle with malignant melanoma. We knew what was coming but it hasn’t made it any easier whatsoever. ??

  • Aww I am so sorry for your loss. Our pets really are family and I know your family has been through so much lately. Jazz seems like she was a beautiful dog and I am so glad you all have such fond memories to take with you moving forwards. Sending lots of love and sympathy.

  • I still remember our first dog Kelly also a Samoyed. Such beautiful dogs. Loved to be close real close. I think of her often. May your pain get a little easier in the coming days xx Much love Rip Jazz you legend ♡

  • Feeling your family’s pain.
    We said goodbye to our girl Sassy 16 months ago, after a short battle with (what our vet described as) Leukemia. It sucked. Only 2 months before my dad passed away in a motorbike accident so our house was already heavy with grief.
    She was only 5. And had so much life left to live. She had a full life but. Never a dull moment with our Sassle.
    We have recently bought a new puppy. She has BIG paws to fill. Its hard not to compare them!!
    Its funny, I still “see” her at the back door…

  • So sorry for your loss. A lovely eulogy to a real fighter. You could tell she was part of your pack.

  • I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your beautiful Jazz. Dogs worm their way into our hearts, and become such important members of our families.

  • So sorry to hear. I don’t care what people say, they are a part of your family. We said goodbye to our 10 year old staffie Tessa last year. It was just so hard. Even her doggie mate Bella knew something was wrong. In summer my boys and dogs sleep in my room with mattresses and air conditioning so I feel your pain. Lots of love coming your way

  • So very sorry to read about your loss of a much-loved member of your family. I said goodbye to my 19-year-old cat recently with the assistance of Shannon at Gympie Vet. Services — incredible compassion not only for my beautiful Emma, but also for me. It’s wonderful when you have such a good vet on your side, as you also have with your vet.

    As you said at the start of this post, “as if your family hasn’t had enough to deal with”… I really believe it’s possible that Jazz made sure she stayed with you as long as you all needed her while Tracey was so ill, and felt she was only now able to leave you.

    You will all miss her dreadfully, and need to give yourselves time and space to grieve for her. The wounds will heal, but you will never forget her, and you will never stop loving her — and that is exactly how it should be.

    I think you’ve done exactly the right thing with the ritual you have described here, burying her collar under the Jasmine — what a beautiful way for you all to say goodbye to your darling Jazz.

    Blessings to all of you.

  • Much love from me to your family. I said goodbye and goodnight to my beloved 15yo Oscar on the 17th. I am grieving for my best friend, a boy I’ve had longer than my husband, and who was by my side almost 24hrs a day. It is not easy to do, but ad admirable

  • Aw, thats so sad…but the dog bones bit was hilarious! Very cute that she’s buried under a Star Jasmine and she was your star pet and friend. RIP Jazz

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