How To Save Some Serious Dough


Lets do some math.

As the baby of the house is only 9 months old, there are 7 of us who eat toast and sandwiches. Most people in the house have two slices of toast for breakfast most days of the week, but for arguments sake lets assume 5 days out of 7. For Monday to Friday lunch, most of us have one sandwich, although one has two and one has three, but lets say an average of one each a weekday to allow for bought lunches and the like.

Thats 7 x 4 x 5 equals 140 slices of bread, minimum, a week. If you exclude the crust, the average loaf has 20 slices so we require 7 loaves of bread a week to scrape by.

We buy, and use, 10.

At current local supermarket prices, that would amount to $25. We pay $12. A little math shows on these figures, over the coarse of a year, we save $676.

We’ve come to an arrangement with a local baker for 10 fresh loaves every Tuesday and freeze eight of them. Because it’s a regular order, and a fairly large order by domestic standards, we get the cafe price.

And get to know the staff! As anyone in customer relations will tell you, there is nothing more powerful than greeting people by name and having an interest in their lives. And who knows, if you arrive after the lunchtime rush they might throw in some cream buns, or cakes, or crusty buns; any items that haven’t sold so far that day and need to be either heavily discounted, thrown out or given to the nice, friendly people with a lot of kids who are always very personable and willing to have a laugh.

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