The Big O Know

Phones and driving don’t mix.

I know that.

And yet today I very nearly had an accident in a phone related incident.

“We need music,” Miss11 informed me on our way to the shops today.

“Yeah!” squealed Miss6 from the back seat. The two of them had joined me on the proviso they could attempt to sneak chocolate into my trolley. “Play number one!”

I couldn’t bring myself to listen to the first track of the only cd in the car again. We love you, Caitlyn Shadbolt, because your songs are awesome, and you’re fun, bubbly and distantly related, but if you don’t bring out another three albums in quick succession I am banning your catchy af ear worms from my life.

“Put the radio on,” I suggested to Miss11.

And here’s where the reason I nearly slammed into a curb comes into my story because I Drove All Night was playing and I just happen to know the words.

“Who sings this?” Miss11 asked me after I killed a chorus.

“Well, I think the original was done by Cyndi Lauper,” I said . “This is a cover done by…”


“I’m thinking. I know it’s O something.” I just couldn’t seem to grab the name from under of my thoughts. “Orville. Owen. Orwell. I can’t remember at the moment. I’ll have to Google it.” And before you tch-tch me, I added, “When we get home.”

“I’ll use Shazam,” suggested Miss11, picking up my phone from the centre console.

But then the song ended.

“Look up ‘The Big O’,” I suggested. “That’s his nickname.”

There were precisely two short sentences from this point before I needed to wrestle control of the car back.

“Did you know,” said Miss11 moments later, “there’s a Japanese movie called The Big O?”

Insert lunge here.


Some of our week here at Ocean Beach Holiday Park, Umina Beach. It’s been a bit windy and a bit wet, but still a lot of fun.

Miss14 is unimpressed with Master13’s recent growth spurt

Raising a family on little more than laughs

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