The Real Reason We Need To Get Moving

We need to leave Tracey’s parents’ place. Things have gotten awkward and if we don’t go soon there’s a chance they might actually get worse.

“Jeez, Ken. Sorry,” I’ve said on more than one occasion before backing back out into the hall.

The problem isn’t so much there are nine of us living in and around their house at the moment.

The problem isn’t even that the house is comparatively small compared to our old place – I mean it’s huge compared to our bus.

The problem is that because Tracey’s parents have lived by themselves for so many years they’re set in their ways.

And one of those ‘ways’ includes not necessarily fully closing the door of the toilet when they’re in there.

I do.

But then I have my reasons which go way beyond not wanting people to bang the door into my back and stuff up my aim.

“Daddy,” Miss5 said through the door after a hesitant knock this morning. “Will you be long?”

“I will,” I assured her.

“Daddy,” she went on, “can I ask you a question?”

“Another one? Sure,” I said.

“Can you stop looking at your phone first?”

I looked up and checked to make sure the door was actually, properly shut. It was.

“Okay, what’s up?”

“Can we play electronics?”

She pronounces it electwonics.

Because I believe cute should always be rewarded this has historically meant she has a better than average chance I’ll say yes, which is why her siblings send her in to do the negotiating.

However I’ve been caught out with this particular question a fair bit lately.

“What did your Mum say?” I asked through the door.


“Nevermind,” I heard her mumble as she slunk off.

We’ve been – I want to say trapped – at Tracey’s parents’ place for months now waiting for Tracey to feel up to travelling and working again. Then Master12’s appendix had to be expelled from his body and that’s slowed us down some more. The good news is the bus is looking and running fantastic, and we’re going to do a walkthrough to show everyone our set up shortly.

But soon, probably today if we can avoid any more roadblocks, we’ll fire the engine up and head south a bit.

As you can imagine, I’m very excited at the prospect. Not least because caravan parks and showgrounds tend to have multiple toilets available, meaning no line up in the morning.

People also, I’ve found, tend to shut the dunny door behind themselves.

“That’s nothing,” she scoffed at me when I complained about walking in on her dad doing a wizz again. “You don’t know awkward until you’ve stared into my Dad’s eyes while he’s doing a poo.”

Oh dear god.

We need to get moving.


Check out my ass!

Raising a family on little more than laughs

Our plan is to bypass the areas we’ve already explored as we travel to NSW to Victoria over the next week or so. This means we’ll be further inland than the New England Highway. If you live in Victoria and you’re at all interested in having some lovely family photos done, message Tracey to let her know you might are interested and she can give you some advance notice when we’re approaching your area. She charges $400 for a family session which includes 40 beautifully edited digital images. Plus, because we know what it’s like fitting this sort of thing into the family budget, she offers very flexible terms to suit. The main thing is to jump on board and take advantage of the opportunity while we’re there and work the rest out later. Contact Tracey at her Facebook page, Tracey Devereaux Photography.


  • Have a great time on this next adventure. The trailer looks fantastic. I’m sure you’ll be made to feel very welcome in Vic and Tracey can take photos for families to treasure forever.

  • How wonderful to be nearly on the road again! I must say that getting our family photos taken by Tracey when you were in Sydney was fantastic . If you are within cooee of the Big Family’s route I highly recommend getting photographed!

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