Going Bananas

Today was a cake baking day. I love cake baking days. It means I can chat and have fun with my kids doing something I enjoy instead of playing the Wii or, heaven help me, Barbie. Today I played assistant to little Miss1 & bigger Miss4 and we made a couple of banana cakes.

We bought a box of lady fingers this week for $20 off our Marketman earlier in the week, along with a box of nectarines ($30) and a box of mangoes ($25), and when I looked in the box this morning there were barely twenty of the little bananas left.

The cakes weren’t our best – I found the 60g of melted butter for the second cake still in the microwave well after I took them out of the oven – but it was fantastic fun, with little fingers keen to pour and stir and dip. Not sure how much mixture made it into the tin but the girls were too full from the cake batter to eat the actual cakes when they were done.

These are the moments I love with my kids.

What do you think?

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