An hour in the park

Miss16 and I took the littlies to the park across the road for a play and some one-on-one football practice – and I think I showed some real improvement 😉 It’s a bit of a laugh me teaching anyone a ball sport. In fact I think we’re about two weeks off exhausting my entire wealth of knowledge – ie don’t use your hands and try to stay upright.

While I kicked the ball about with one, the other kids enjoyed the swings.

Master6 and Miss16 both had a friend sleep over last night and after their friends had gone home I found myself sitting behind the computer searching the net for episodes of Grand Designs. Then I figured I can do that sort of time wasting at night when the kids are asleep. Then I did something about it and stood up and walked away from the screen.

It was a nice way to spend an hour 🙂

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