Friends Pop Over

Lovely, wonderful, thoughtful friends of ours made a delivery tonight – cinema popcorn.  Way to make me look neglectful guys 😉

After some Facebook comments on how much Tracey LOVES going to the movies so she can eat popcorn, and how the kids recent refusal to take their mum to the cinema had left Tracey bereft of one of her staple foods, they bought some from the local Sovereign Cinema tonight and drove it over to her.

Pitts, you are serious contenders for the coveted title of Bestest Friends Ever.

Tracey’s asked me to pass on a message. “Funkfs fa fah opcoof. Ou gahs roafk!” Which I think translates as ‘Thanks for the popcorn. You guys rock!”

My fully preggers missus is now comfortably situated with her feet up in front of the telly watching Swamp People, shoving salty buttered ecstasy into her mouth and eliciting an occasional happy moan.

The bar has definitely been raised people. But don’t despair, she also likes Tim Tams, mangoes and Peking Duck. Shops are open until 9.


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