Our Indoor Sports Centre

With Summer we’ve moved the dining table onto the balcony, freeing up the dining room for some family fun.

We’ve been having great fun with the Foosball Table Santa gave the kids for Christmas: even Miss2 gets in on the act.

I keep getting in trouble for ‘accidentally’ grabbing the kids’ stick, preventing them from stopping me scoring. Outrageous accusations.

Tonight I beat Miss8 10 to 5 in a landslide victory. I realize good fathers are supposed to lose to their kids, but Miss8 makes it very difficult – she scored six of my points in sensational own goals.

As the table converts to a pool table, air hockey and even table tennis table, the kids have been well entertained these holidays. It also has chess and checkers and ten pin bowls. There are ten games all up.

Table cost Santa a mere $120: it was a hot buy on special at BigW. If it breaks in two even six months down the track (a real possibility the way the kids whack it around) it’s paid for itself several times over.

Great family fun.

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