Ever wanted to see men in labour?


I love how cocky these blokes are going in, all the way up to when they turn the machine on.

“Ahh!” they cry out, before wanting to know, “how strong was that?”

“2% 3%?” answers the midwife/torturer.

“So it’ll get 33 times worse than that!?”

Which was when I would have bailed.

WARNING. This video is not for the faint hearted. It looks like torture.

I had to turn it off at one point and remind myself they volunteered for this experiment. Then barely a minute later I was laughing at them. Their responses of ‘I really don’t know if I can do this any longer’ and ‘Ahh!’ looked very, very close to the real thing. It made me wonder if maybe they went close to experiencing labour and also if maybe I’m a little weird and need a therapist.

Idiots. Brave, brave idiots.


I think all men should experience this.

Watching the video, I mean, not the electric shock treatment. I’m not stupid.

Looking forward to part two when they simulate his milk coming in. I’ll bring the tissues.

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  • Oh that is funny!!!!! There’s a couple of people I’d like to put through that just for giggles.

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