Fresh As a Daisy

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We pulled up at our allotted spot at a caravan park in Yeppoon. Perfect spot. Water views and lots of shady trees – I even managed to back the bus in without hitting one. Then we stepped off the bus and there was a distinct chemical smell coming from the van next to us. My nose directed me almost immediately to something sprayed on his caravan’s tyres.

“What’s that white stuff?” I asked our new neighbour, pointing at the source of the offending odour. I wasn’t nasty about it, and I wasn’t even going to say anything, but then I figured we sort of had a right to know, since it was closer to the spot we’ll be sitting and eating than his.

“We had an ant problem yesterday so I took care of it,” the bloke told me pleasantly, like this is the sort of thing which happens all the time in places like this.

I hoped it wasn’t, because that could be a problem.

Although usually I don’t have a problem with this sort of thing – that’s on Tracey’s list of duties.

“Don’t!” Tracey will coo at me sweetly, and deafeningly, if she spots me reaching for fly spray.

This despite harping on for the previous ten minutes about the number of flies in the kitchen. Rather sensibly, we only have the one door with a fly screen because, I’m assuming, that’s the main door insects chose to enter our home. Still, it looks like the crafty little buggers have worked out the windows and sliding door a few feet away will serve their purpose just as well.

Tracey doesn’t like to use unnecessary chemicals because it ‘gets on stuff’. Since becoming a mum she’s been on at me for this. Fortunately, we came up with a solution which worked for us: I’d wait for Tracey to leave the room and spray the bejesus out of the place, then she’d come back and abuse me.

Win-Win. Flies gone and Tracey still feels good about being chemical conscious with the kids.

This was hard enough at home, where she usually left the kitchen to go to the family room or one of the bedrooms, but this most excellent of solutions will not work on the bus because those rooms are all in the same room, so to speak.

I mean I packed the sprays, obviously, but I had my doubts I was ever going to be able to use them.

Which was when this brief for Australian National Pyrethrins® landed in my lap, which I think might be the solution: an anti-bug product that uses an all-natural active ingredient made from Aussie grown daisies – PYRETHRINS. Sort of nature’s bugger off bugs – proof Mother Nature hates bugs too.

ABOVE: Farmer Peter Langmaid with his grandson Riley in a field of bug-stopping daisies.

That would surely keep Tracey happy.

So I went out and bought a can of Raid Earth Options. I’ll say this already, it smells better than the pile of shoes at the front of the bus.

I’m calling it a win-win-win. Tracey is happy because she’s protecting her munchkins and I’m happy because I don’t have things buzzing around my face and because it contains an ingredient made from flowers I told Tracey I’m essentially giving her a bouquet.

She’s not convinced on that last point.

“You’re an idiot,” were her exact words.

Anyway, the smell from the neighbour’s chemical ant-spray is gone now. Or, we’re used to it. Either way, maybe I should have suggested next time he use something with pyrethrins in it. They’re in lots of bug products these days, so worth looking out for….especially if you’re married with children.

Where to find products containing Australian Natural Pyrethrins®: Simply look for the ‘daisy mark’ on product packaging, or check for PYRETHRINS in the list of ACTIVE CONSTITUENTS on the product label. 

Here is a list of trusted pest control products containing Australian Natural Pyrethrins®. These can be found at your local grocery store or nursery.



Raising a family on little more than laughs

Thank you to Australian Natural Pyrethrins® for supporting our family and sponsoring this post…and letting me kill flies without needing a divorce lawyer.


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  • You need to go north in the winter not during the wet season maybe then you’ll get to see Paronella Park…it’s a must see.

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