Should I die before I wake

Sometimes you just have to admit you need help.

With young Master6 having such a sad time with Chriss’s passing we arrived at the point where we’d run out of ideas. The moment we mention it’s bedtime Master6 starts to get stomach pains and begins to cry – sometimes it can be two hours before he settles enough to sleep. So on Thursday we took him to a lovely child psychologist, let’s call her Pan, for some grief counseling.

Part of the trouble with Master6 is the longer this has gone on, the worse he’s gotten, not least because he’s missing so much sleep every night and is wearing himself down. One of the biggest problems has been because Master6 has latched onto Chriss dying in his sleep and is now scared of going to sleep himself because ‘what if I die?’

While we were already looking up counselors and speaking to our doctor about someone to take Master6 to see, a bonus for us came through my work having a benefit in place which pays for up to 4 hours counseling a year for staff and their family members. A girl at work told me about the scheme at the eleventh hour and we were very grateful.

For two nights we’ve been trying Pan’s ideas and so far she’s coming up trumps.

Firstly, we’re playing soft music so he has something to distract himself with, and secondly, she’s told him to place his hand on his heart and think of Chriss and then feel his love spreading out through his whole body. So simple and yet so effective. We’ve had two nights where he’s settled down quickly and gone to sleep.
Here’s hoping it continues.

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