A Father-Daughter Moment

Today it was back to the hospital with Miss9. She ended up with a wheelchair, which has greatly improved her mobility, but not before we shared one of those father-daughter moments which will probably, if the dinner conversation tonight is anything to go by, be brought up at family events for years.

You see, one of the things they were checking for today required a bit of pee.

“We just need a sample,” the doctor said, holding up a plastic jar, which Miss9 handed to me the moment the doc left the room.

“Not my pee, your pee,” I told her.

“You need to hold it for me,” said Miss9.

“I’m not holding it,” I told her, my face aghast.

“Well I can’t,” Miss9 countered, pointing at her cast. She was right. With her leg she was flat out holding herself on the seat.

I took this news well. “Bugger,” I mumbled. I looked around for a nurse, but they were suddenly scarce. “Bugger.” My absolute favourite milestone moment is when the little buggers are toilet trained. It suddenly seemed to me we were going backwards.

And it also occurred to me while I’m at the hospital, Tracey is at home with our other grommets. Coincidence? I did wonder.

Miss9, of course, thought this whole thing was hilarious. She was giggling all the way down the hall as I carried her to the bathroom.

“Now stay still,” she advised me as she started.

“If I do that you’ll pee all over my hand.” She was laughing so much she was shaking. “Would you please stop giggling and sit still!”

Eventually we had our sample and, I’m pleased to say, I didn’t spill a drop.

Still, it could have been worse. They could have requested a stool sample. No doubt, she’d have laughed so much at that I’d have ended up with the jar looking like a Mr Whippy cone.

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