Easter Hunt

Master10 came up to us this morning clutching his tummy and complaining of pains.

“I think I’ve eaten too much chocolate,” he groaned. Then he put more in his mouth. “It’s worth it.”

Given the amount of chocolate and lollies which were handed out this morning both here and at Nanny’s, plus the haul from Grandma yesterday, I was a bit shocked at the low levels of sweet things in the fridge when I went to steal a bit tonight. I daresay we’re going to have some withdrawals tomorrow.

Today was just about the perfect Easter. The weather. The company. The food. The chocolate. We loved it. All of it.

But that wasn’t even the best bit! Miss12 set up the Easter Hunt for the kids this year!

We didn’t even ask or suggest it.

We just got told it was happening last night after she snuck out once everyone was in bed.

Sweet as – I’m always keen to delegate. More time to snack.

Here’s a photographic diary of the fun. As you can see, it was fast and exciting. If you don’t do this sort of thing, you really need to consider starting. They were talking about it for hours.

Between mouthfuls and stomach complaints.


Thinking if they’d thought about the phrase ‘our old book shelf’ it might have given a clue to who the Bunny really was, and not just where to start looking.
IMG_5235 IMG_5236

Tracey is horrified I’m posting photos of the state our place is in at the moment. To placate her I have to mention we’re in the middle of a clean out of cupboards and crap. Started mid-2003.


The action was so furious this shot is blurry.IMG_5240 IMG_5242 IMG_5244 IMG_5246

The pace is picking up now.IMG_5248

No time to pee, Miss6. You’ll just have to hold on. She did. There was chocolate involved. She wouldn’t have cared if her skin turned as yellow as her nightie.IMG_5252 IMG_5256 IMG_5258 IMG_5259

Miss4 feeling left out because she hadn’t found a clue yet. So proud to say, without a word from us, the other kids noticed, came and got her and made sure she found the next clue.IMG_5260 IMG_5264

Take care of this for me, would you.

Notice the bunny fur on the ground. I fear one of our cats got it. Sorry.

The rule is, naturally, if Miss4 gets to find a clue then Miss6 has to as well. Immediately.
IMG_5268 IMG_5290

Found! I did wonder what that basket was doing out when I hung the washing last night. Lucky I was too lazy to do anything about it or the hunt wouldn’t have ended as well.IMG_5292 IMG_5293 IMG_5294 IMG_5296 IMG_5307 IMG_5303

I love there’s dirt and tuffs of rabbit fur between her toes. Very hunter-gatherer.IMG_5299 IMG_5305

Hope you all had a lovely Easter Sunday with your families and your stomaches, unlike Master10’s, aren’t feeling too nauseous.

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